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We collaborate with the best specialists, clinics and surgeons and we guarantee you quality care and interventions.

We have partnered with the best hotels in Barcelona to provide you with all the comfort you need during your stay.

We offer optimized solutions for an excellent price adapted to your needs.

We want to assure you attractive rates with the best prices in Europe, two to three times cheaper.

Comment Nous Travaillons ?

BCN Medical Care vous accompagne pour optimiser votre séjour en termes de confort, de coût et de délais.


During our first contact, we discuss the patient's medical needs.

Case handling

Our expert advisers study the patient's medical file to assess the hospital center most suited to the disease as well as specialist doctors.


The patient receives an assessment and a budget estimation which allows to know fairly precisely the total cost of the procedure.


BCN carries out all the formalities to prepare for arrival, stay and treatment.


We assign a companion who will be next to the patient in whatever he needs during his stay.


We take care of hotel reservations and even hiring hospitals, medical staff and operating rooms.

Only the best Clinics for your Health

We personally select the best medical centers.


In pediatrics, the Hospital Sant Joan de Deu is a pioneer in the fields of the heart, neurology, neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, oncology, fetal medicine and of pediatric surgery.It also highlight areas of high specialization, such as psychiatry or endocrinology.

Quirón Hospital Barcelona

The Quirón Hospital Group is the largest private group in Spain and the first in number of patients, as well as in number of beds, doctors and hospitalizations. Its medical team enjoys recognized international prestige, both for the experience and the successful track record of its professionals. The continuous renovation...


The Barraquer Center has been dedicated to the investigation and treatment of all types of eye diseases for four generations. It is one of the largest ophthalmology clinics in the world and a reference center for corneal transplants.

Planas Clinic

Since the 1970s, Clínica Planas has been chosen each year by men and women of all nationalities and origins for its esteemed reputation in: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Hospital Clinic Barcelona

Cardiovascular and Pulmonary In the heart of Barcelona is the Hospital Clínico, whose heart houses the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Barcelona. This is why the Clínic Hospital is the leader in biomedical research and the one with the greatest scientific production in Spain.


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  • Viajar a Europa era una odisea para mí, pero sabía que allí encontraría los mejores cirujanos. BCN Medical Care no sólo me ayudó en los trámites de mi operación de cataratas, sino que me acompañaron durante toda mi estancia en Barcelona!




  • Gracias a todo el personal de BCNMedical Care. El trato fue inmejorable desde que pusimos los pies en España. Muy recomendable para personas que deseen experimentar la sanidad europea!




  • Aunque estuve anteriormente en un hospital en Frankfurt por mi esposa, el trato y servicio recibido en mi operación en Barcelona ha sido magnifico y ha superado mis espectativas. Gracias a Nouaman por su atencion tan personal y amable!

    Lee Steele

    Lee Steele

    Arabia Saudi